Humane Society finds new home for massive pig recovered by Walla Walla police

Walla Walla
Image courtesy of the Walla Walla Police Department

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — On March 4, a massive pig and a husky were freed from inside of a hot car in Walla Walla county. Since then, Elvis Pigsley has been in the care of the team at the Blue Mountain Humane Society. Well, it looks like the pig is on his way to a new home that can better accommodate his needs on the westside of Washington state.

According to a press release issued by the Walla Walla Police Department, Elvis Pigsley was transported to an 85-acre medical care and rehabilitation center in western Washington. On his trip, the pig was accompanied by Animal Control Officer McCullough and a Humane Society staff member.

Officer McCullough says that Elvis enjoyed the trip and was comforted by his favorite toy in addition to a healthy portion of romaine lettuce as a snack.

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For those who missed previous coverage of this story, police were called to the Walla Walla Veterans Golf Course for reports of a mysterious, abandoned vehicle. When officers arrived, they noticed a dog stuck inside the hot car. They took proper measures to save the husky named Lupa from inside the vehicle and were surprised by a rustling noise coming from the truck.

Upon further investigation, police discovered the 200-lb pig stuck in the trunk of the vehicle. After some creative maneuvering, officers were able to free Elvi Pigsley from the trunk, supply him with some water and took him into the shade for some relaxation.

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Despite the efforts of their owner, both Lupa and Elvis were taken into the custody of the Blue Mountain Humane Society for evaluation while the woman was investigated.

Walla Walla police confirm that Lupa was returned to the care of her owner after a full exam, vaccinations and updated medical attention. Elvis, on the other hand, is now heading to a secure location that will better accommodate his needs. The decision was made along with his owner, who agreed to let him go so that his medical needs could be tended to more efficiently.


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