Hundreds attend rodeo in Franklin County to celebrate Independence Day

Basin City 4th of July Parade & Rodeo

BASIN CITY, Wash. — Franklin County is in a modified Phase 1 of reopening, which restricts groups of five or more from gathering, but hundreds of people attended a rodeo Friday night in Basin City to celebrate July 4.

The rodeo is the first of two that were planned celebrate July 4. Along with the rodeo, there is a parade scheduled for Saturday morning that will go throughout Basin City.

“We’re going to celebrate what we all love, and that’s America’s birthday,” said rodeo announcer, JJ Harrison.

The celebration started early as a woman on horseback rode around the arena with the American flag while the crowd applauded.

Although few people at the rodeo were wearing a mask, or even social distancing, the event coordinators made sure there was room for people to practice distancing if they chose, and to get a free mask.

There were 2,000 masks donated from Dr. Raul Garcia, who is running for governor in the state of Washington, but many did not seem interested in them.

“I know we’ve done everything that we possibly can do to take precautions with COVID, we’ve got spacing to masks, we’ve got everything we need to put on an event as safe as we possibly can,” said Harrison.

Following the rodeo Friday night, there is a dance planned in the arena with music coming from the band “Stomping Ground.”

There is also a fireworks display planned for Saturday night, weather permitting.

“We’re going to protest the ways cowboys do it, and we’re going to do it peacefully and we’re going to have an event, we’re going to do something for a community,” said Harrison.

In a Facebook group, over 600 people plan on going to the events to celebrate July 4.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office told KAPP-KVEW that they were not going to do anything to prevent the event from taking place.