Hundreds gather in Kennewick for Loren Culp’s “Victory Protest”

Hundreds gather in Kennewick for "Victory Protest" for Loren Culp

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A large crowd gathered on Clover Island in Kennewick Wednesday night for Loren Culp’s second “Victory Protest” in the Tri-Cities.

Culp, who is running as a republican for governor in Washington state, was in the Tri-Cities in September for a similar event which drew hundreds of attendees.

The “Victory Protest” started at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and featured multiple speakers and a live band.

Culp spoke on multiple topics, including his life growing up, recent wildfires, the constitution, and COVID-19.

“When I’m governor, the first thing that I’m going to do is lift any restrictions that Jay Inslee has left on our citizens,” said Culp.

Culp said that he would let free individual citizens decide what’s best for themselves, their family, and their business.

After bringing up SB 5395, which requires public schools to teach sex education, and saying that he would vote it out on election day, Culp mentioned the steps he would take to pass a bill.

“Every bill that comes across my desk as your next governor, that the legislature wants signed into law, I’ve got three rules, three tests for those bills,” said Culp.

  1. Is it constitutional?

  2. Will it help the citizens of Washington state?

  3. Can we afford it without any new taxes?

Towards the end of Culp’s speech, he brought up recent wildfires in Washington state.

“These are not climate fires,” said Culp.”Fires start one of two ways, either by lightening or they are caused by man.”

Culp ended the night by having a meet and greet with his supporters off of the stage.