Hundreds gather to remember 9/11 in Kennewick on Saturday

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Hundreds of spectators gathered at the 9/11 Memorial at the Southridge Complex in Kennewick on Saturday. The 30-minute ceremony honored those who lost their lives 20 years ago today.

Afterwards, attendees walked up to the memorial to pay their respects in a moment of silence at the base. In 2011, the City of Kennewick acquired a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, which now stands as a memorial the Southridge Complex.

Just a few feet away stood Jackie Sharpe-Ravella, a teacher at Chiawana High School, with a picture she took of the Pentagon just days after the 9/11 attacks.

“At the time, I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, and I got the news,” Sharpe-Ravella says. “A few days later, I flew to Washington, D.C. And just to photograph the Pentagon, it was a very, very emotional day.

“It was hard to to take the photograph, it was very surreal. It’s one thing to see it on television, it’s another to actually be in person yourself,” Sharpe-Ravella recalls.

“In the photograph I took, I could see the chairs and the desks that were still there. And it was this. It was a very hard photograph to take.”

Sharpe-Ravella is currently a photography teacher at Chiawana High School. She shares this photograph with her students, many of who were not born when the 9/11 attacks took place.

“I said it’s so important with your generation moving forward, that you focus on peace,” she says. “It’s such a horrific, emotional thing that happened on that day and it scared our world.”

“With our younger generation moving on, they have to work together in peace. And really, we have to care about human people. We’ve got to care about humanity. It’s very, very important.”