Hundreds line up for fair food in Kennewick

CG Public House hosts Valentines drive thru market

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The smell of fried food lingered over CG Public House Saturday evening as hundreds of cars pulled through their parking lot during the Fair Food Drive-Up Festival.

The festival along Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick lasted four hours with hundreds of cars going through.

A person at the front of the line told KAPP-KVEW they arrived shortly after 3:00 p.m. for the event.

When the event started, the line ran along Clearwater Ave. and into the neighborhood along South Utah St.

Various local vendors set up shop around the building and waited for cars to pass by.

Vendors included:

  • Baum’s House of Chocolates
  • Bombshell Sweets
  • Guizar Honey
  • Transient Coffee
  • Maggie Apparel
  • White Glove Weddings
  • Voodoo Signature Spices and Sauces

All guests were asked to remain in their cars and vendors would approach them to maintain social distancing.

The drive-thru event is one of many CG Public House has hosted since the coronavirus pandemic started.