Hundreds of students march in Kennewick to demand returning to school

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Hundreds of middle and high school students marched Wednesday morning from Lampson Stadium to the Kennewick School District building to demand their return to school.

The march started at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday and featured many kids holding signs that said, “my education is essential,” “our education matters,” “listen to the voice of the people,” and more.

“We’re out here letting our voices be heard, protesting against them pushing school back to February 2,” said Kamiakin senior¬†Woodley Downard.

Kennewick School District Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce announced Tuesday night that the district would rethink the delay of in-person learning.

A West Richland parent was at the protest as well and said the turnout by students has been fantastic.

“I think this is wonderful. The kids are really getting an idea of what it means to do peaceful protests,” said Jason Edwards. “They’re not just learning about history, they’re actually taking part in it right now.”

The Kennewick School District board will decide on when students will return to classrooms November 18.

Downard told KAPP-KVEW they plan on scheduling one more protest before the decision in three weeks.