I-82 crash: Richland driver suffers serious injury in wrong-way crash

Image via @wspd3pio

RICHLAND, Wash. — Westbound traffic on I-82 was completely blocked in Benton County on Sunday when a vehicle driving the wrong way was involved in a crash that left at least one person with severe injuries.

Details were posted to social media by WSP Trooper Chris Thorson on October 16 at 7:32 a.m. PST. He confirmed that a pickup truck and a semi-truck collided on the westbound lane of I-82. Each of the vehicles was severely damaged in the fiery crash that sent plumes of smoke into the air at the southwest stretch of Richland.

Trooper Thorson only specified that the collision caused “serious injury,” but it’s unclear how many people were involved or what the extent of their injuries might be.

The collision occurred at milepost No. 105 of I-82, which is located near the intersection with Dallas Rd. It’s south of the interchange with I-182, so it created significant traffic delays for some people trying to commute through the area.


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