‘I never stopped praying’: Moxee woman to reunite with stolen ring found in Chicago

‘I never stopped praying’: Moxee woman to reunite with stolen ring found in Chicago

A local woman will be reunited with a precious family heirloom that was stolen from her home almost four years ago. She’s now preparing to fly out to Chicago to get it back.

Moxee resident Regina Robles said her great-grandmother’s white gold and diamond ring was swiped during a burglary on Nov. 16, 2013. She came home to find her glass backdoor had been smashed open with a brick.

It was the day of her recently deceased grandfather’s funeral. She had taken off the ring, an engagement, wedding and anniversary band soldered together, to wear her grandfather’s ring instead. She also had to get ready for her daughter’s birthday party the next day.

Since the break-in, she prayed countless times for the return of her ring. “I never stopped praying,” Robles said.

Her answer came earlier this month with the combined help of a Chicago police officer, cafe and news station.

On Jun. 3, a woman came to Officer Alberto Zayas with the Chicago Police Department saying she found the ring and hoped the owner would eventually come by to claim it. She turned it in and no one ever came.

A few days later, Zayas went to Cafe Bella, one of his favorite Chicago restaurants, for lunch. He told staff about the ring and the owner decided to offer some help.

The owner posted about the lost ring on social media and told Fox 32 News. The Chicago news station posted the story on its website Thursday Jun. 8.

The story popped up on Robles’ Facebook feed that same evening, and the ring looked oddly familiar. She called the station to report that she was the true owner.

The newsroom was skeptical at first. A staffer laughed and said she wasn’t the first one to claim it as her own. That didn’t discourage her from trying to get it back.

She then contacted Cafe Bella, which put her in touch with Officer Zayas. She got ahold of Zayas’ phone number and texted photos of the old family ring to prove it was hers.

He told her not to worry and that he had the ring. “I cried,” Robles said after hearing it was safe.

She will leave eastern Washington for Chicago next Thursday to retrieve the ring.

Robles told KAPP-KVEW she plans to meet with Officer Zayas to thank him in person during her visit.

She said the ring will be passed down to her daughter in the future.