‘I thought they were gone:’ Benton City twins recovering after Richland crash Tuesday

BENTON CITY, Wash. — Sherrol Pentland and her husband Brian were getting into bed Tuesday night when they received a call from a friend asking for prayers.

“She came back and said, so I just passed an accident. It looks like people are stuck in a car, can you all please pray for these people?” Pentland said.

Pentland said her “paranoid mom” instincts turned on immediately.

“Where are my boys?” Pentland wondered. She tried calling her two sons, Gage and Cameron, but couldn’t get through.

She asked her friend for the location and a vehicle description which came back as the intersection of W Gage Blvd & N Steptoe St. and a small white pickup truck.

“That’s when I knew that it was probably them,” Pentland said.

So she turned to social media for potential answers, scrolling through feeds until she came across a post on the Kennewick Police Department’s Facebook page.

“Instantly I dropped my phone and I thought that my boys were gone,” Pentland said. “When I saw the pictures, I was like, there’s no way my children survived that.”

But at that very moment, she received a call from Kadlec Medical Center, telling her they had Gage who was stable and talking.

Cameron had been taken to Trios but then was life-flighted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Both suffered from major concussions, broken bones, and other bumps, cuts, and bruises, with Cameron undergoing multiple surgeries to fix his hips and pelvis.

“It’s been a rollercoaster,” Pentland said. “All things considering, we’re gonna take it.”

Gage was able to come home Friday afternoon but Cameron is still in the hospital.

Pentland said she’s “just glad they’re alive.”

“We definitely know the Lord was there for them and we thank the Lord above everything else,” Pentland said.

The family of six said they are “overwhelmed, and grateful” for the support from family, friends, Calvary Chapel church members, and strangers alike over the past few days.

“It’s been quite humbling. We’ve had people calling and saying, ‘you need a car? We’ve got cars you can use,'” Pentland said. “To have them come alongside us and say, ‘we’re here to help you. We’re here to take the burden off of you so you can take care of your children.’ It’s been amazing.”

They’ve also received offers for meals and housing as the family makes it through this rough period.

The twins’ sister Samantha currently serves in the Navy and is stationed in Japan but she sent KAPP-KVEW this statement on the situation:

“My brothers mean the world to me. Well my whole family does. My brothers are the most kind and caring people out there. They are such amazing kids. They both have been a big support to me while being in the Navy. I’ve been in Japan for almost three years now. They have always shown so much love and support to me. They are my rock along with the rest of my family. It’s been so hard being away from them when the crash happened. When my mom called me to tell me what happened. I knew at that very moment something bad happened. I started to pray every moment since that call. God is always watching and guiding my family. My brother Cameron loves to play the drums he has been talking about making music with his friends. He sometimes plays in our church Calvary Chapel worship team. He has such an amazing look on life.  My brother Gage loves to weld. He has such an amazing gift when it comes to welding. He is very creative. They both are such God fearing men. They love helping out people in need. They have been so strong throughout this whole thing. My brothers mean so much to me more then words can explain. They both are so loving and have touched so many people with their love for God. Right now the Red Cross program helps get people in the military home when an emergency happens. I’m waiting for my Red Cross message to come in. My whole chain of command has been so helpful and kind. They are pushing for me to get home.”

A GoFundMe to help the family with medical bills has already raised over $7,000 dollars. To view the GoFundMe, click here.

To view the Calvary Chapel donation page, click here.


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