‘I will kill all of you:’ Grandview SD to reopen after violent Snapchat threat

GRANDVIEW, Wash. — School will resume Friday for students in the Grandview School District after a police investigation into potential violent threats made on social media.

A story posted to Snapchat said:

“To all the Grandview kids — You do not realize how long I’ve been hurting. I have been bullied, mistreated, laughed at. Everyone stares at me triggering my social anxiety. Everyone hates me. I have been depressed since 5th grade and now I can finally get back at all of you. On Thursday morning I will KILL all of you motherf—-rs. Next Thursday?? You’re all f—-ng dead.”


Image courtesy of Benha Mujica

District officials shut down classes for the day as a safety precaution for all students.

Elena Olmstead, the spokesperson for GSD, sent KAPP-KVEW this statement regarding their stance on bullying:

“The Grandview School District takes all reports of bullying seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.

We have several programs in place throughout the district that address bullying, character development and social-emotional learning. The programs and curriculum are built into the school day to ensure all students are exposed to the material. We also have a very strong counseling staff throughout our schools, who are always ready to help students who feel like they are isolated or being bullied. We have also recently started bringing therapy dogs into our schools to help reach all students.

But a former student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she was continuously verbally and physically assaulted during her time at Grandview Middle School.

“One day I walked into the restroom, and after I was finished, I tried opening the door after, and it was locked. I heard girls laughing in the background,” the student said. “That’s when I found out that they had locked me inside.”

She said when the door finally opened, she was surrounded by “other girls” who pushed her and accused her of “things I did not do.”

“One of them was older, she was in 8th grade. At the time I was in 7th grade. No teachers came. Not one teacher noticed that a lot of girls were missing and in the restroom,” the student said. “I was scared at the time, and I didn’t know what to do. The restroom was full of girls and not a single one tried to stop the other girls from bullying me.”

She added that she thought “they were going to jump me.”

“After the bell rang, everyone left. After that, I started skipping school so I wouldn’t have to go,” the student said, noting this was just “one of many” times she was bullied in the district.

Hearing the news about Thursday’s incident was “really disappointing” as she hoped things had gotten better.

“I hope the district does a better job of monitoring students and their behavior. Parents, teach your children how to be kind to one another, and talk to them about how bullying anyone is not okay,” the student said. “I don’t wish it upon anyone to experience what I had to.”

School officials said if you see or hear any threats or concerns, to immediately contact their tip line through the district’s app.

Friday’s classes will have “an increased police presence” as an abundance of caution, the district said.

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Grandview School District closes after threat of violence at schools