A handcuffed suspect stole a Kansas state patrol car and led troopers on a chase, highway patrol says

A Handcuffed Suspect Stole A Kansas State Patrol Car And Led Troopers On A Chase, Highway Patrol Says

A suspect with his hands cuffed behind his back stole a Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) trooper’s car and led law enforcement units on a high-speed chase, KHP said in a news release.

The suspect, a 23-year-old Florida native, was being taken Friday afternoon to the county jail “following a pursuit that involved a stolen vehicle,” KHP said in the news release.

On their way to the jail, the trooper saw a motorcycle crash involving an injury on K-25, a Kansas highway, and stopped to help.

As the trooper was helping the crash victim, the suspect managed to drive away in the trooper’s patrol car, despite having his hands cuffed behind his back.

He then drove southbound on K-25 at a high speed while KHP and local law enforcement chased him for nearly half an hour, according to the release.

When the car ran out of gas and stopped in Sherman County, the suspect ran on foot with his hands still handcuffed behind his back, the release said.

He was quickly captured and arrested without further incident, according to KHP.