All beagles taken in by SpokAnimal shelter find new homes

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokanimal is one of the shelters taking in rescued beagles from a facility in Virginia, and despite what they’ve been through, they’re getting a new start on life.

“We were so excited to be able to help,” said Dori Peck, Executive Director of SpokAnimal.

Spokanimal is helping these beagles find brand new homes in the Inland Northwest. And now, all of these beagles have.

Originally, the sixteen beagles came from a mass breeding facility, where they would’ve been used for testing.

“They’re bred in these large facilities and they’re sold into research facilities”, Peck said. “They don’t go outside. They’re not held and cuddled and loved, they’re not pets. These guys will get a chance to truly have their beagle shine, they can sniff the grass and run around and do their thing, we’re so thrilled to be part of this.”

Peck said they’ve spent most of their young lives in cages, never seeing the outside world. Their newfound excitement for life is clear the moment you see them.

Peck added that it wasn’t easy choosing new homes for them, SpokAnimal received hundreds of applications, and there was criteria to narrow down the list.

“You definitely have to have a fenced yard. I mean it’s just an absolute because they’re gonna put their nose down and the way they’ll go they won’t even know where they’ll end up,” Peck said.

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