Amazon to release bedside sleep tracker later this year

Couples Sleeping Apart Aren’t Just In ‘i Love Lucy’ Anymore
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About a quarter of American couples sleep apart at least a few times a month and even more Americans say their ideal arrangement is not sleeping in the same bed as their partner.

Soon enough, an Amazon device might know whether you’re sleeping — or not.

The e-commerce and tech giant said Wednesday it will release a device that can track sleeping patterns, with features that can help users wake up at the right time.

The device, called Halo Rise, will use no-contact sensors and artificial intelligence to measure a user’s movement and breathing patterns, allowing the device to track sleep stages during the night, the Seattle-based company said. Amazon said it will be available for $139.99 later this year.

Amazon noted the device can connect with its virtual assistant, Alexa, and allow users to wake up to their favorite songs, among other things.

Separately, the company said it will release a new Kindle Scribe, the first Kindle consumers can write on. It will also add more features to its home robot, Astro, and release new Echo devices.