Buying Guide: Amazon even sells dishwashers and this one is the best

Amazon might have started as an online bookseller, but at this point you can buy just about everything on the behemoth online retailer, including large kitchen appliances. Next time you need to upgrade your dishwasher, skip the trip to the home improvement store and check out this Amazon customer favorite from Bosch instead.

Sleek and Attractive

The Bosch 800 series built-in dishwasher earned major points from customers on appearance alone. The stainless steel exterior with a single sleek handle opens to reveal stainless steel inside and controls hidden beneath the upper edge. For fans of minimalist interiors, this large appliance was perfectly clean and unobtrusive.

Cleaner Dishes, Quieter Cycles

With 6 wash cycles, 16 place settings, and a flexible third rack, Amazon shoppers were able to customize this dishwasher to suit their family’s needs. Several customers noted how clean this dishwasher got their dishes, and loved that it finally eliminated the need to pre-soak or scrub dishes. The low noise level was also a huge plus. One customer noted that the only way they could tell this dishwasher was running was when the light went on.

Final Verdict

Amazon customers gave this Bosch 800 series dishwasher an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars. They loved the high powered clean, the quiet cycles, and how quickly even heavy loads of dishes were washed and dried. For a price of under $1000, customers liked that this gave their kitchen a high end feel. Customers also noted that the washer came with a one year warranty when registered with Bosch.

Bosch 800 Series Built In Dishwasher available from Amazon