Buying Guide: The best stylus for your iPad isn’t an Apple Pencil

Whether you’re presenting at a virtual meeting or creating a digital work of art, a stylus can give you precision and control in a way that your finger just can’t. If you’ve been eyeing the Apple Pencil but get sticker shock at the $129 price tag, this stylus from Bargains Depot is the perfect alternative for daily use.

Affordable and Durable Stylus

This Bargains Depot stylus comes in at just $7—which is a huge savings compared to the Apple Pencil. Even with the cost savings, this stylus is durable with a lightweight aluminum body, stainless steel clip, and 10 replacement rubber tips included.

Precision and Detail

If you’re an artist or frequently use your iPad to create presentations, sketches, and other work materials, this stylus will give you added precision and allow you to draw more detail into your work. The stylus comes with 2 different sizes of rubber tip, so you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

Why Customers Love It

With 4.4 out of 5 stars and more than 6,400 ratings on Amazon, customers are loving this affordable stylus. Customers loved the $7 price tag and the smooth finish which made it easy to use this stylus for long projects. Customers also liked that this stylus was compatible across all their devices, including iPads, Samsung phones, and Galaxy tablets.

Bargains Depot Touch Screen Stylus available from Amazon