Buying Guide: These Knit Club kits will help you learn a new fall hobby

We’ve all been on the hunt for new ways to fill our time, but with fall here and winter just around the corner, the need for productive, feel-good indoor activities is more important than ever. That’s where these kits from Knit Picks come in.

The Perfect Kits for Beginner Knits

Knit Picks offers super easy beginner kits for those who are just learning to knit. Each kit comes in a variety of colors and comes with high quality yarn and needles. The clear instructions are written for those with no previous knitting experience and includes detailed tutorials with photo illustrations.

Make Your Own Holiday Gifts

While you might not be able to travel home for the holidays this year, you can still send an extra thoughtful and personal present this year. Knit colorful dish towels, scarves, or hats to send to your friends and relatives. Bonus adorable points if you can get your kids involved with the knitting fun.

Build Your Skills

While the Knit Picks beginner kits are great when you’re getting started, the store also offers more advanced patterns like these cozy stuffed cats that make the perfect baby shower gift. Whether you’re trying your first scarf or tackling your first blanket, there’s a range of options available.

Knit Picks Knitting Kits available from Amazon