Buying Guide: This wobble chair can help your child concentrate during at-home schooling

Whether your district is postponing in-person classes, your child is at school part time, or you’re opting for at-home schooling this year, keeping active kids engaged while you work from home isn’t easy. This active kid wobble chair from Studico adds another tool to your kit and keeps your child focused.

How It Works

The wobble chair from Studico can help active children get out their energy while remaining in their seat. The soft cushion top allows your child to wobble from side to side or back and forth without fear of tipping over. Set up this chair at your child’s workstation to keep them engaged in online lessons while using energy.

Stronger and Healthier Posture

This wobble chair isn’t just great for active children or children with ADD or ADHD—it’s also a good way to help any child build better posture and a stronger, healthier back and core. The ergonomic chair encourages your child to sit upright and burn calories during normally sedentary activities.

Why Customers Love It

With more than 500 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, parents of wiggly kids are loving this wobble chair. Reviewers mentioned that they liked that the chair came in multiple sizes, from toddler to pre-teen, and that the chair was durable enough for active kids to use daily. They also liked that these chairs slid under most tables for storage and that even young children could move the chairs easily.

Studico Active Kids Wobble Chair available from Amazon