Community mourns loss of Almira School, a timeless treasure gone forever

ALMIRA, Wash. — It’s a complete loss for the small community of Almira. The school wasn’t just a building that burned, it was a place where memories were made, history was honored and future generations raised.

The loss of the Almira School is a huge blow to the community. The historic building burned down Tuesday night.

Children learned in the same classrooms as their parents and in some cases their grandparents. Those are now gone.

No one was hurt, but many are still feeling the emotional pain of losing the school they grew up in, and the school they send their kids to every day.

At the school, the community’s counting their blessings no one was hurt from the fire. They can rebuild the building, but it’s the timeless treasures they’ll never get back.

“They’re probably gone,” said former student Taylor Bohnet.

Class photos, generations of history and timeless treasures, all left behind in a pile of rubble.

“It’s devastating. It hurts,” he said.

Bohnet went to school there from 3rd to 8th grade. It’s where he made memories he’ll never forget.

“This was where I first fell in love playing in the band,” he said.

The tight knit community loves this school. To them, it was more than a building. It was the glue that kept them together.

“For generations, this school has been the heartbeat of the community,” said Corinne Isaak, whose child goes to the school.

A heart in need of surgery with a community ready to rebuild and move forward from the flames.

“We’re a family. I see this bringing the town together in a lot of ways,” Bohnet said.

The Columbia Basin Foundation started a fundraiser to help rebuild the school and get the kids back in class. A lot of the student’s laptops were burned in the fire. You can make a secure donation through Paypal here.

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