Elite Gaming Center opens as a new hub for gamers, esports in Spokane Valley

Elite Gaming Center Opens As A New Hub For Gamers, Esports In Spokane Valley

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Elite Gaming Center is a new place for play in Spokane Valley.

Come in for hourly gaming on PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, VR, and turf games like air hockey, foosball, pool tables and more!

Get a snack and get some gaming hours in after school or after work and hang out with your friends.

Long week of work? Book a table for weekend get togethers!

At Elite Gaming, you can get a membership for discounts on almost everything and pre-loaded gaming hours.

Or just pay an hourly rate when you come in.

It costs $6 per hour PC’s and consoles, $20 per hour on VR and $3 an hour for turf games.

Elite Gaming Center is located at 15312 E Sprague Ave. Ste. C (next to Flying Squirrel) and open Monday to Friday 12PM to 12AM and Sat-Sun 10AM-12AM.

For more information on Elite Gaming Center, see the official website.