Fall colors from the air: Enjoy an exclusive look at autumn across the US, by drone

You may not have gotten the time to go see some of the country’s most beautiful foliage this year, but our drone pilots captured foliage colors across the U.S. over the past few weeks. 

Enjoy the spectacular displays from a bird’s eye view in a national highlights reel exclusively captured by 10 pilots from New Jersey to Montana.

Why do some trees burst out in bright colors while others fade to dull brown?Discover the weather factors that make for good fall foliage, and much more, in the “Across the Sky” podcast.

Did you miss your chance to enjoy your region’s colors this year? This map shows the usual peaks for color in each region of the country.

How about trying a new region next year? In no particular order, here are seven fantastic scenic drives scattered around the continental United States where you can enjoy autumn color and more. Some are well-known; others are a bit under the radar.

When it comes to going out in nature for a refresh, what better time is there than fall – with all of its wonderful, colorful leaf-peeping displays. And who better to share these leaf-peeping experiences with than your dogs?