Fire forces people living near Rice in Stevens County to evacuate

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. –People living near Rice in Stevens County are under a Level 3 evacuation, which means you need to leave now. The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office says there is a fast-moving brush fire near Goddard Road and Pleasant Valley.

Department of Natural Resources said the fire has burned at least 175 acres, all of Pleasant Valley is under Level 3 evacuations and 40 homes are working to be evacuated.

Stevens County Sheriff’s Office and Fire district 12 said the fire is moving fast in Pleasant Valley Rd. and Chamberlin Rd, and the fire continues to grow and is uncontrolled. The people living in the area are under Level 2 evacuations, meaning they need to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.

Stevens County Emergency Management said firefighters have requested air support to help get the fire under control. A Type 3 team has also been called in to help.

An evacuation center has been set up Evergreen Elementary School, located approximately one mile up Addy-Gifford road from SR-25.

This is a developing story.