Gov. Inslee, Washington DOH speak on the anniversary of the state’s first COVID-19 case

OLYMPIA, Wash. — It’s been two years since the nation’s first coronavirus case, which began in the state of Washington.

Governor Jay Inslee and Washington State’s Department of Health both had words for the anniversary of the first COVID-19 case.

The department of health explained how many events had to be put on hold, and how detrimental the pandemic has been to the state. They said the past two years have drastically changed school, work, and home environments.

The department says vaccines have become a sign of hope, and we have seen some return to normal since their introduction. It said it’s grateful for the countless lives saved by partnerships around the public health system.

Gov. Inslee also testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. He spoke on the state’s response and the lessons learned during the pandemic.

“We had the [nation’s] very first case on January 21, 2020. We had our first death in America which was on February 29. We started this with no template,” Inslee said.

Inslee said he has stuck to many decisions and policies he enacted at the beginning of the pandemic. He thanked health experts for their guidance and providing critical data to the early affected states.

“From day one, we have remained rooted in the hard facts of this pandemic and made decisions based on the best data available and the advice of public health experts,” said Inslee.

Inslee says he will continue to be diligent in masking and vaccination efforts, as they are crucial to safe reopening of schools and businesses.

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