Health Highlights: July 12, 2022​

Health Highlights: July 12, 2022​

Abortion bans could put lives of cancer patients in jeopardy. Many treatments that cure cancer can cause either miscarriage or birth defects, particularly early in pregnancy. Now, pregnant women who are also battling cancer face stark choices under new laws, experts say. Read more

Is it time for young adult Americans to get a 2nd COVID booster? Newer Omicron subvariants are sending U.S. rates of illness and hospitalization rising again, so such shots may be warranted. But not all experts agree that the strategy is the correct course. Read more

What’s the ‘face blindness’ condition Brad Pitt claims to have? It’s called prosopagnosia, wherein people can’t recall faces, especially when seen in new contexts. Read more

Biden moves to protect right to abortion if mother’s life at risk. Citing federal law, the Biden administration said that in these situations hospitals must provide a woman with care, including abortion services. Read more

Drinking alone in youth a big sign of future problems. Compared to people who drank only in social settings, the odds of developing alcohol use disorder were 65% higher for young adults who drank alone, a new study found. Read more

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