‘I protected my children’: Moses Lake mom relives day her car was nearly stolen with her kids inside

MOSES LAKE, Wash. – A Moses Lake family went through the unimaginable on May 3.

Mother Kendra Brown went to pick up her four-year-old daughter from school when the Moses Lake Police Department (MLPD) says violent felon Salvador Harguindeguy tried stealing her car. Her two-year-old and five-month-old were still strapped in.

She had attended to her five-month-old who’d been crying when police say Harguindeguy went to her car. Brown says it all happened in about 30 seconds.

“My kids are in the back, just making sure that they were safe. I essentially just kept keeping his hands off the dash and turning the car off and he kept trying to turn it back on, and he couldn’t figure out how to put my car into gear,” Brown recalled.

Moses Lake Police say officers were looking for Harguindeguy. When they spotted him, police say he ran, and that’s when he went toward AIM School and Gymnastics and Brown’s car.

It’s been nearly two weeks since that day, and Brown is just grateful her kids are safe.

“That was my biggest thought: my children are okay, and I’m okay,” she said.

Harguindeguy is still in jail, facing new charges from that day including robbery in the first degree, attempted motor vehicle theft and resisting arrest, MLPD said.

Brown and her family are still trying to move forward, planning to press charges on Harguindeguy.

“I’m going to do my best to ensure that he at least has some repayment for some of the crimes he committed against my family. It’s not just me, it’s my kids as well,” Brown continued. “My two-year-old won’t stay in a car by herself. Even here at home, transferring from car, like house to car, she doesn’t even want to be in the car by herself. For me, it’s making sure he pays for that.”

Brown has seen the bodycam and dashcam footage of the whole situation, just thinking about the “intense” moment she went through.

“If I can give one parent that advice? It’s to react. Take that time to literally react and not just stop,” she said.

When the dashcam footage was released, and MLPD posted about the arrest on social media, many comments said Brown was a hero.

“In my opinion, I did what any parent would do. I protected my children,” she said in response.

While it was only 30 seconds, it changed things for Brown. She said she no longer leaves doors open and unattended. She also takes her keys out of the ignition.

“You just never think a crime like that would happen to you. It did. It’s really kind of surreal some days,” she said.

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