Idaho Senate passes bill to create incentive program for educators

Idaho Senate Passes Bill To Create Incentive Program For Educators

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BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Senate recently passed a bill that aims to incentivize educators to continue working at schools.

Senate Bill 1290 would establish a rural educator incentive program for those who work in high-need and rural school districts and charter schools. It would provide gradual funding for educators, increasing each year they stay in the school.

The incentive program provides $1,500 to an educator after their first year, $2,500 the second, $3,500 the third, and $4,500 the fourth, for a max total of $12,000. The funds could go towards covering education loan repayments, additional and advanced degrees or other educational costs.

“Our educators do so much for our children and local communities,” said Senator Janie Ward-Engelking. “This program is a way to give them more time working with students, instead of needing two jobs just to pay rent and a loan payment, making it easier to stay in our rural areas and the profession.”

Sen. Janie Ward-Engelking (D-Boise) and Rep. Sally Toone (D-Gooding) sponsored the bill. The bill was passed Friday with a 25-7-3 vote.

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