Is Palawan the next Thailand? What you need to know about this trending Philippines destination

The most westerly province of the Philippines, Palawan is catching the attention of travelers with its incredible beauty and wealth of nature-based adventures.

The province includes the main island of Palawan as well as a surrounding archipelago of approximately 1,780 islands and islets. Palawan’s topography is characterized by limestone cliffs and peaks, which are covered in dense jungle and fringed by white-sand beaches.

It has evoked comparisons to Vietnam’s Halong Bay and the Thai Islands. While all three of these Southeast Asian destinations have extraordinary landscapes, Palawan certainly has the edge in terms of fewer crowds and under-the-radar appeal. Although tourist arrivals are projected to eclipse Boracay in the coming years, Palawan’s much larger size — 5,790 square miles to Boracay’s meager four-square-mile land area — means that plenty of beaches and islands will remain secluded and pristine.

Read on to learn more about this Philippines destination, including where to stay, when to visit and what to do while there.