‘It’s not fun’: Truck drivers stuck in the winter storm share what they went through

SPOKANE, Wash. — Snoqualmie and Blewett passes are finally back open, so the backlog of delays you may have felt is going to be short-lived.

If these closures impacted you directly, you can expect some relief in the days ahead. One truck driver. Jayson Jarvis shared his insight and perspective on the situation.

“I was in the middle of that big snow we had and I had a UPS load, coming from Amazon, coming from Salem,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis was caught in the big storm. As you might imagine, that shipment was delayed.

“There around Ellensburg, they said there were thousands of trucks parked everywhere,” he told us, describing the situation.

Jarvis wasn’t the only truck driver on the roads who had to put their trip on hold. John Nichols also shared his experience.

“It’s not fun. I’ve been stuck on the side of the road for 36 hours,” Nichols said.

It’s been years since these drivers have had to deal with these kinds of conditions. At the start of the week though, the trucks are finally moving again.

“It’s all pretty well cleared up now. There are still some spots of ice at the top. That’s about it. Two lanes open,” Nichols explained.

If you’ve noticed an empty bread shelf, your groceries probably got stuck in those delays.

“If they haven’t gotten it, it’s coming,” Jarvis reassures us.

If you’d like to do anything to help these drivers, they have on simple request:

“Give your truck driver room… in front of them… especially in traffic. Trucks can’t stop on a dime and people cut right in front of them all the time,” Jarvis said.

It’s unlikely that Stevens Pass will reopen before Wednesday.

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