Justices raise doubts; Saudi Arabia, UAE back OPEC cuts; Russia intensifies attacks | Hot off the Wire podcast

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Members of the Supreme Court’s conservative majority are questioning the continued use of affirmative action in higher education. In lengthy arguments Monday, the justices wrestled with persistent, difficult questions of race.

A former Michigan police officer who shot a Black motorist in the back of the head will stand trial for second-degree murder. That’s the decision a judge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced Monday morning.

David DePape faces charges following an attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Authorities have arrested a drugstore worker in the slayings of two teenage girls who were killed in the woods outside their small town in Northern Indiana nearly six years ago.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are defending a decision by OPEC and its allies to cut oil production. The development came on Monday at a conference in the United Arab Emirates — even as an American envoy warned of “economic uncertainty” ahead for the world.

President Joe Biden plans to raise the possibility of imposing a ‘windfall tax’ on oil companies if they don’t boost domestic production.

A massive barrage of Russian strikes has hit critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine. The attacks on Monday morning knocked out water and power supplies in apparent retaliation for what Moscow alleged was a Ukrainian attack on its Black Sea Fleet over the weekend.

Police are investigating the collapse of a newly repaired 143-year-old suspension bridge. The collapse Sunday evening in Gujarat state plunged hundreds of people into a river, killing at least 134.

South Korean police are investigating what caused a crowd surge that killed more than 150 people during Halloween festivities in Seoul over the weekend.

In this week’s religion roundup, Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, saw his fortunes fall over antisemitic remarks.