Level 3 and 2 evacuations in place for people living near wildfires in north Spokane County

ELK, Wash. — Level 3 and 2 evacuations remain in place for people living near two wildfires in north Spokane County.

Level 3 evacuations – meaning leave now – are in place for people living near the Hazard Rd. Fire burning just north of Wandermere. That fire is burning between W. Ballard Rd, W. Hazard Rd and N. Austin Rd.

Level 2 evacuations — which means ‘be ready’ — are still in effect for people living in the Otter Creek area (Elk) near the Valley Rd. Fire. People on N Hardesty on the west, to N. Bruce on the east, and E. Valley on the south to E. Elk to Hwy on the north must be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

The Valley Rd. Fire is burning between E Elk to Hwy Rd, N Bruce Rd, N Valley Rd and N Hardesty Ln.

State fire assistance has been mobilized to help support local firefighters who are working to contain the fires.  Crews from several local fire agencies, including Spokane County District 4, District 8 and even Northern Lakes Fire, have been called in to help.

The fire started just after 5 p.m. Sunday and is burning timber and brush. There is no word yet on containment and there is no official acreage on the Valley Fire, but the Hazard Rd fire has burned between 50-70 acres.