Listen now: Fall colors, credit score myths, sports pioneers and George Washington

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It’s that time of the year for nature’s green to give way to an explosion of red, yellow and orange in many parts of the country.

If you enjoy the fall colors, you’ll want to listen to the latest episode of Across the Sky. Our meteorologists welcomed Dr. Amanda Gallinet at Colby College in Maine, who talked about what conditions are best for bright fall colors, what is out there this season and how the warming climate may impact the timing and brilliance of the colors in the future.

We also had another new episode this week, where we look at the importance in translating forecasts and alerts from English into Spanish.

Avoid the myths

What do you know about your credit score? PennyWise host Teri Barr spoke with Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert with NerdWallet, to learn why it’s important to understand some of the “myths” surrounding your credit score. Avoiding mistakes can help you improve your score.

Before Title IX

The Title IX law helped provide opportunities for female athletes when it was enacted 50 years ago. But for a small college in Nebraska, offering opportunities to athletes began earlier. 

On the latest episode of Behind the Headlines, learn about John F. Kennedy College in Wahoo, Nebraska, and how it embraced women’s sports early, which included recruiting and offering scholarships before Title IX.

Why are so many boys and men struggling?

The new book by Richard Reeves, “Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It” is getting a lot of attention. In the latest episode of The Ethical Life, the hosts discuss how changes to education and other parts of society could help reverse recent trends.

Our 2022 Best Picture nomination best guesses!

Despite the admittedly bad press surrounding “Amsterdam,” its release marks something of a beginning to the Hollywood Awards Season that will run from now until the end of the year. Studios will be dropping the bulk of their prestige films in the coming months, so we thought it was a great time to start a list of films we think are in the running to be nominated for the top Oscar category.

Also, with Halloween around the corner, be sure to check out episode breaking down the best horror movies of 2022. Listen to the two latest episodes of Streamed & Screened.

George Washington: The good, the bad and the ugly

On the most recent episode of the Utterly Moderate Podcast, George Washington University historian Denver Brunsman joins the show to share his insights on the life and career of George Washington, as well as his general reflections on the study of history and its place in the modern university.

From wrestling to cannabis

Ric Flair made a name for himself in professional wrestling. Now, he joins a growing list of celebrities associated with a line of cannabis products. Learn more on the latest episode of Here Weed Go!

Showdown in Kansas City

The Buffalo Bills travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in a matchup of two 4-1 teams that are each leading their division. Get a preview of the game on PlayAction.