Listen now: Finding common ground on polarizing issues, historic weather events and another blockbuster

We’re living in highly polarizing times in which crossing the aisle to negotiate compromise legislation seems like a thing of the past.

Two podcasts that published this week help illustrate the divide even though many Americans live somewhere in the middle of many hot-button topics.

On The Ethical Life, hosts Richard Kyte and Scott Rada talk about why so many gun owners feel like their voices are being drowned out by the extreme positions so many people take on this polarizing issue.

Additionally, on the latest episode of the Utterly Moderate Podcast host Lawrence Eppard is joined by Mona Charen, a nationally syndicated columnist, policy editor at the right-leaning The Bulwark, and host of their Beg to Differ podcast.

Charen brings a conservative’s perspective on gun control, reducing poverty, the Jan. 6 hearings, decency in American culture and more.

Polarizing issues are also the theme of this week’s ICYMI edition of Hot off the Wire, Lee Enterprise’s daily news podcast. The threat against a sitting Supreme Court justice and the House panel hearings on the Jan. 6 insurrection are among the topics.

Mount Rushmore of biblical weather events

What are the most epic weather events as recorded by the Bible? The flood that necessitated Noah’s Ark would seem to be a no-brainer, but the Lee Weather Team’s two guests from JMJ Missions in New Jersey each provided four of their favorites with no repeats. It’s a fun and educational discussion regardless of your beliefs.

The next summer blockbuster

We move from biblical times to prehistoric times. On this week’s Streamed & Screened podcast, the hosts talk about “Jurassic World: Dominion,” the final installment in the “Jurassic Park” franchise. The film was expected to be the next big release following “Top Gun: Maverick” two weeks earlier.

Tips to save gas money

Each day seems to bring a new record price nationally for a gallon of gasoline. PennyWise offers an updated episode with tips to save you money on fuel this summer. There’s no magic wand here, but small changes can at least bring some relief.

More top entertainment headlines

In another bonus episode from Hot off the Wire, we round up some of the top entertainment headlines from the past week. Did you know Johnny Depp has a new project outside of acting?