Man accused of giving teen meth, raping her

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.– A man is accused of giving a teen meth and then raping her.

The Spokane Valley Police Department said Terrence M. Kelley, 50, met a 17-year-old girl Tuesday evening. They went behind a row of businesses near Pines and Mansfield and he gave her the drugs, deputies said.

The teen had never done meth before and said it made her “extremely high,” according to the police department. The teen told investigators she “could not feel her body.”

Kelley took the teen behind a building after she took the drugs and ordered her to sit on a piece of cardboard he had placed on the ground, according to detectives. He then pushed her onto her back and raped her, investigators said.

The teen told investigators she was scared for her life because Kelley removed what looked like a pistol and placed it on the ground next to her. Deputies later determined it was a BB gun that was made to look like a Glock.

Eventually, the teen was able to leave so she headed to a friend’s house and reported what happened.

Investigators later found Kelley at a 7-11 near where the rape reportedly happened. Kelley was taken to the Spokane County Jail and faced a first-degree rape charge.

If you or someone you love is a sexual assault survivor, you are not alone. You can reach help on the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs’ sexual assault and family trauma hotline at (509) 624-7273. You can find more resources online here.