Mayor Woodward demands Washington mask mandate be lifted now

Mayor Woodward Demands Washington Mask Mandate Be Lifted Now

FILE: Nadine Woodward

SPOKANE, Wash. — About 23 days before the mask mandate will lift in Washington, Spokane’s Mayor is ready for it to be terminated now.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated masking guidelines Friday, meaning those living in healthier or low-to-medium risk areas aren’t required to wear masks indoors anymore.

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Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward took to social media to express her concerns with the current status of Washington’s mask mandate. She said Spokane is a medium-risk city, meaning the citizens shouldn’t still be required to wear masks indoors.

She was met with some backlash though, as some told the mayor that waiting another month for masks to come off won’t make a big difference. However, Woodward insisted that the mandate is no longer necessary and that she wants to act in accordance with the CDC.

Despite Woodward’s stance on social media, Washington’s indoor mask mandate will remain in effect until March 21.

Governor Jay Inslee says he will continue to update with more information on mask guidance in the coming week.

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