More than a blanket: Woman reunited with dad’s Gonzaga letterman quilt

PORTLAND, Ore. — During the NCAA Tournament, most of the attention is focused on the games played throughout March. However, there are so many moments that you don’t see on television that can invoke powerful emotions as well.

The daughter of a former Gonzaga basketball player, Lynette Yager, was finally reunited with the memory of her late father.

“My dad was a wonderful man. He played basketball for Gonzaga as far as I know in the late 1930s and he passed away my senior year in high school,” Lynette said.

Wayne Yager was the principal and basketball coach at Kennewick High School. When he passed away much of his belongings were sold in an estate sale, leaving Lynette with only memories of her father.

“So I really lost touch with what my family was all about,” Lynette said.

That is until John Kamb came into the picture. He’s a Gonzaga graduate and a longtime collector of school memorabilia. When he found an old letterman quilt on eBay and began to do some investigating.

“I just couldn’t understand how something that cool could be put on eBay, why isn’t it with the family,” Kamb said.

Kamb contacted the seller and found out a little more about Wayne. That eventually led him to Lynette.

“She asked me if I’d contact the seller again and I did and I told him about it and he volunteered to give the blanket to her,” Kamb said.

In a moment 50 years in the making, Lynette was finally reunited with the blanket during Gonzaga’s first-round game on Thursday, bringing her closer to dad.

“Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart, my dad was very special to me. Gonzaga, just the school itself, the fans, basketball teams every year just bring joy to my heart and I always know somehow dad knows and brought me here today,” Lynette said.

Lynette went on to add that if Gonzaga makes it to the National Championship game, she will be there cheering them on one way or another.

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