Nearly 700k Washingtonians are eligible for student loan forgiveness

SPOKANE, Wash. — New data from the White House shows that nearly 700,000 Washington borrowers are eligible for student loan forgiveness.

In August, President Joe Biden announced the forgiveness of up to $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers. Applications for student loan forgiveness should open by early October.

According to research from the White House, it’s estimated that 697,600 Washingtonians are eligible for forgiveness, with about 323,900 eligible for full forgiveness.

Additionally, about 423,800 Pell grant borrowers in Washington are also eligible for forgiveness, with about 60 percent of Pell recipients being eligible.

“These numbers make clear what an enormous difference President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan will make for borrowers across Washington state,” said Senator Patty Murray. “The President’s plan could deliver relief for nearly 700,000 Washington state borrowers—including more than 300,000 borrowers in our state who could have their balances wiped entirely.”

You can learn more about student loan forgiveness here.

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