Post office halts delivery to neighborhood, blaming dogs chasing after mail truck

Post Office Halts Delivery To Neighborhood, Blaming Dogs Chasing After Mail Truck

THEODORE, Alabama (WALA) — A Mobile County post office has halted its delivery service to a Theodore neighborhood, saying loose dogs on the road are to blame.

The delivery suspension has dragged on for weeks, with the Theodore post office claiming at least one of the dogs bit the bumper and tires of the mail truck.

One resident on Sunset Lane reached out to FOX10 News about the problem, saying he and 20 other families shouldn’t be penalized for one person’s loose dogs. Since the suspension, he and several neighbors have had to drive ten miles to the post office to pick up their mail – some of whom are elderly.

“We have elderly people that can’t drive, they have nurses to tend to them and they’re very anxious,” one resident said. “I think they should deliver mail to those that don’t have aggressive dogs; it’s not fair to hold the mail for the whole entire street.”

“I’m expecting checks and that’s what was in the mail today so I have to go at least every two days,” another resident.

A notice from the postmaster to residents on Sunset Lane, dated April 8, reads: “Your service is suspended until all dogs are secure on this road. Please fix immediately.”

FOX10 News is told a potential fix does appear to be on the horizon, as the person on the street with the alleged loose dogs, is working on building a fence.