Rep. McMorris Rodgers draws criticism for picture of other reps heckling at State of the Union

Rep. Mcmorris Rodgers Draws Criticism For Picture Of Other Reps Heckling At State Of The Union

Evelyn Hockstein

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ smiling face has drawn criticism online, due to proximity to two representatives who were heckling President Joe Biden during Tuesday’s State of the Union.

The picture, taken by Getty Images, shows Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene standing up and yelling at the podium during the speech.

Rep. Boebert had another outburst during the speech, during a point where President Biden was talking about soldiers and veterans who got cancer from their proximity to burn pits. He mentioned his late son Beau Biden and his death from brain cancer.

The picture quickly made its rounds on Twitter and other social media sites, with people incorrectly speculating that the image was at that point of the speech. Rep. McMorris Rodgers can be seen smiling in front of the two women.

But the caption of the picture provided by Reuters/Bloomberg via Getty Images, says the outburst in the photo was the women yelling “Build the Wall” at a different time in the speech than the part about the dead soldiers.

A video clip of that part of the speech shows Boebert and Greene chanting “build the wall.”

Greene is not accused of yelling anything during the Beau Biden part of the speech.

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