Restaurant hit by a car for 3rd time in 8 days

Restaurant Hit By A Car For 3rd Time In 8 Days

HAVERHILL, Massachusetts (WBZ) — Steven Hart darted across Route 125 in Haverhill early Saturday morning after a car crashed through the front of Li’s Asian Restaurant. “They didn’t even hit the brakes they just went straight in,” he said.

Hart called 911 and went inside to see if anyone in the car needed help.

“When I showed up in there it just looked like the whole restaurant was just a disaster. There was just wood and chairs everywhere,” said Hart.

The car made it 45 feet into the restaurant. It was twisted and resting on top of the bar with the front of the car through the doors to the kitchen.

“It was a very big surprise for us. They went through about four walls here,” said Crystal Li, whose family owns the restaurant. “This is very devastating. We don’t really know what to do going forward.”

The Lis have boarded up their front windows three times in just the last eight days because cars keep crashing into their building.

Li is thankful nobody was inside at the time of the crash.

The family is hoping the kitchen will be safe enough soon so they can start offering take-out.

“We’re hoping to get back running as soon as possible,” Li said.

They also plan to put barriers up in front of the building. Click here for updates on this story.

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