Scarywood is baaack! Silverwood Theme Park’s scariest time of year

ATHOL, Idaho. — Scarywood is back and scarier than ever!

“Whether you’re afraid of the dark, clowns, zombies, it’s here, we have something for everybody and even in between the haunted attractions we have scare zones to get you in between when you’re not expecting it,” said Public Relations manager, Stephanie Sampson.

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Last Thursday kicked off the first weekend of Scarywood in more than a year.

Sampson says they have about a week’s time to transform fun into fright.

This year, there are five haunted attractions and scare zones scattered throughout the park. It also takes about 200 actors, each of them dressed in frightening costumes to play out specific roles or just stay ready to scare people.

“They are definitely a little bit different than the Silverwood crew and they’re very passionate about getting the perfect scare,” said Sampson.

Normally each haunted attraction has about 20 actors staged inside.

Two actors 4 News Now spoke with say scaring people is something they’ve looked forward to all year long.

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“It’s been awesome, I’ve enjoyed it a lot,” said first-year Scarywood actor Noah Johnson. “It’s the variation in props, mechanics, people. The whole set up is so varied that even if you don’t get scared by one thing, you will by another.”

“We’re one big family here so we all are kind of on the same page as far as what we need to be doing and we want to have people enjoy it,” said fourth-year Scarywood actor Bentlee Potts.

If you dare go to Scarywood this month, you have until October 30th! Or else…

Or else…that’s it. It closes for the season on Halloween.

“We’re back and we’re actually better than ever,” said Sampson. “We had the best reviews this weekend, so we’re really excited to go weekend number two.”

For more information on all things Scarywood, see the official website.

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