Setbacks for Trump, more tough economic news and the queen’s funeral | Hot off the Wire podcast

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It was a week of setbacks for former President Donald Trump.

Eric Tucker, in his article “Trump’s legal woes mount without protection of presidency” for The Associated Press, wrote:

Stark repudiation by federal judges he appointed. Far-reaching fraud allegations by New York’s attorney general. It’s been a week of widening legal troubles for Donald Trump, laying bare the challenges piling up as the former president operates without the protections afforded by the White House.

The bravado that served him well in the political arena is less handy in a legal realm dominated by verifiable evidence, where judges this week have looked askance at his claims and where a fraud investigation that took root when Trump was still president burst into public view in an allegation-filled 222-page state lawsuit.

In politics, “you can say what you want and if people like it, it works. In a legal realm, it’s different,” said Chris Edelson, a presidential powers scholar and American University government professor. “It’s an arena where there are tangible consequences for missteps, misdeeds, false statements in a way that doesn’t apply in politics.”

You can read the full article below:

There was also a report that Virginia Thomas has agreed to an interview with the House panel investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection. Plus, the House passed a bill that would overhaul an election certification law.

In other national news, President Joe Biden pledged help for Puerto Rico after the island was slammed by Hurricane Fiona. He also met with the families of Americans being detained in Russia.

There were responses to Republican governors sending migrants to states led by Democrats.

The subject of the first season of the “Serial” podcast had his conviction overturned.

Sarah Sanders, the Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas, was released from a hospital after undergoing successful surgery to treat cancer.

The Federal Reserve board continued its bid to hold down inflation by raising interest rates. Mortgage rates continued to rise. The financial stress families are experiencing led Walmart and Target to both reveal plans to start holiday shopping deals sooner to ease the sting of inflation.

The funeral for Queen Elizabeth II was held this week. The United Kingdom and the rest of the world said farewell.

In a week where the leaders of the world met for the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was front and center. And in other news, an American contractor was released in a prisoner exchange, there were two large earthquakes in Mexico, and protests in Iran.

And finally, in science and health news, the latest on the updated COVID booster shot, NASA prepares for a test that could save the planet and a recommendation for adults to be screened for anxiety.

— Compiled and narrated by Terry Lipshetz from Associated Press reports