Should You Add An Authorized User To Your Chase Sapphire Reserve?

Adding authorized users to your account can be both a blessing and a curse no matter which card you hold. It’s an easy way to keep track of all household spending in one place and a way to extend credit to someone who may not qualify on their own. However, it’s also a risk—ultimately, you’re on the hook for all purchases or your credit rating will be on the line.

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, adding an authorized user may be even more impactful. The second (or third) cardholder gets many of the same perks as the primary member, including benefits like a Priority Pass airport lounge membership and complimentary travel protections on eligible trips.

Still, this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Let’s take a look at the costs, benefits and downsides of adding an authorized user to your Chase Sapphire Reserve account.

What Is a Credit Card Authorized User?

An authorized user is an additional person added to a credit card account by the primary account holder. The authorized user will be issued their own physical card but all purchases will be tracked and accounted for in the original account and the primary cardholder is still responsible for all payments.

Often, authorized users may include spouses or partners, older children in a household or other people you trust. Learn more in our authorized user guide.

Cost of Adding an Authorized User to the Chase Sapphire Reserve

Though some cards allow you to add authorized users for no additional fee, the Sapphire Reserve comes with a $75 annual fee per additional cardholder. That’s because authorized users will have access to numerous benefits beyond the line of credit itself, which we’ll discuss below.

For reference, the cost for the primary cardholder is $550 per year, so there’s a significant discount for additional cards compared to having an individual open a separate account entirely.

Benefits of Adding an Authorized User to Your Sapphire Reserve Account

Ability to Earn Additional Chase Ultimate Rewards

Like on all rewards cards, adding an authorized user can increase your ability to earn rewards in a single account. Every transaction the authorized user makes will earn Ultimate Rewards® points at the same rate as the primary cardholder:

  • Earn .

With all points accumulating within the same Ultimate Rewards account, you’ll be able to cash those points in faster for your choice of select airline miles, travel booked via Ultimate Rewards, cash back and statement credits or other available rewards.

Priority Pass Select Membership

Authorized users on the Sapphire Reserve will receive their own Priority Pass card for use at participating airport lounges worldwide—even if the primary cardholder is not traveling with them. In fact, the authorized user can even bring up to two guests traveling with them as part of their Priority Pass Select membership.

With more than 1,300 lounges worldwide, this can be a valuable benefit for frequent travelers, especially considering the authorized user fee of $75 is far below purchasing lounge memberships directly (a Priority Pass membership with unlimited visits normally costs $429 per year.)

Travel and Purchase Protections

As a premium card, the Sapphire Reserve comes with numerous purchase protections, including select travel insurance on qualifying trips paid for with the card.

Among the most noteworthy protections, authorized users will receive:

  • Primary Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Evacuation & Transportation Insurance
  • Purchase Protection
  • Return Protection
  • Extended Warranty Protection

Details and exclusions on these protections are available in your Card Benefits Guide, which is typically mailed when you receive your physical authorized user card. It can also be requested at any time by calling the number on the back of your card.

Downsides of Adding a Sapphire Reserve Authorized User

Authorized Users Do Not Receive a Welcome Bonus

Since you’re not signing up for a new account when you add an authorized user, neither you nor the new cardholder will have the opportunity to earn a second welcome bonus for the card.

The Annual Travel Credit on the Sapphire Reserve is Once Per Account

Every year, Sapphire Reserve accounts are eligible to receive up to $300 in statement credits for reimbursement toward travel purchases charged to your account. Either cardholder—you or an authorized user—can make the qualifying purchase(s), but you will only receive a single $300 allowance regardless of how many authorized users are on the account.

Trusted Traveler Allowances Are Once Per Account

Similarly, the Sapphire Reserve offers up to $100 in statement credits toward application fees on select Trusted Traveler programs such as TSA Precheck or Global Entry. Again, either cardholder can charge the purchase on their card but each account qualifies for a single reimbursement.

How to Add an Authorized User to Your Sapphire Reserve Account

Chase makes it incredibly easy to add an authorized user to an existing Sapphire Reserve account.

On new accounts, you can add up to five users within the initial application. If you’re approved, you’ll receive the corresponding cards by mail at the same time.

For existing accounts, you’ll want to login to your online account. Then, select “Account Services” and look for the “Add Authorized User” option. You’ll only need a full name, date of birth and mailing address for this request. Alternatively, you can provide the same information by phone.

If you wish to remove an authorized user from your account at any point in the future, you’ll need to contact Chase card services by phone to make the request.

Applying for a New Sapphire Reserve vs. Adding an Authorized User

In some cases, an individual may prefer to apply for their own separate Sapphire Reserve account instead of jumping on as an authorized user. By applying for their own account, they’ll have access to their own welcome bonus and annual travel credit, as well as the freedom to spend points as they see fit. However, a separate account will be charged the full $550 instead of only $75.

Of course, this assumes the individual is eligible for their own card: the Sapphire Reserve typically requires excellent credit for approval as well as status under the “5/24” rule, meaning you haven’t opened more than five cards in the past 24 months.

Joining as an authorized user is a much simpler process since it’s tagging onto an existing account. There’s already someone approved for a line of credit who’s responsible for paying the bill.

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to take on the responsibility of an authorized user on your card, it can be advantageous for both of you. As the primary cardholder, you’ll earn additional points from another person’s spending to hit your redemption goals faster. As an authorized user, you’ll have access to key card benefits for a bargain rate of $75 per year. Together, that can be a useful strategy for someone who doesn’t want (or can’t get) a card of their own.

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