‘Spooky Walking Tour’ shows some of Spokane’s haunted sites

SPOKANE, Wash. — Did you know Spokane has some ghost stories of its own? If you want to see some of the city’s haunted locations, Spokane Public Library has created a walking tour of these places.

The library said some of the sites on the tour are well-known legends. Others are either speculation based on old newspaper articles or based on stories from Chet Caskey’s books.

There are 13 locations you can visit in downtown Spokane which includes:

  • The Davenport Hotel: There’s said to be a ghost of a thin man in a tuxedo at the Spa.
  • Carnegie Library: The ghost of the building’s first head librarian is said to be there. He’s said to be creeping at the windows.
  • Steam Plant: The iconic building was built on the site of a passenger terminal destroyed in a 1889 fire. However, not everyone got out. During construction, workers said they heard strange cries and saw dark figures.
  • Bing Crosby Theater: Next time you go to a show there, see if you can spot either a girl in 1920s clothes haunting staff and patrons, or the ghost of a stage manager in the green room.
  • Hotel Indigo and Magnolia Restaurant: There are legends from early 2000s of arcane rituals happening there, and it was so spooky that it was used in the zombie show “Z-Nation.”
  • There are many others with some creepy and tragic tales behind their reported hauntings.

Check them all out if you dare.

You can find the map and learn more about the reported hauntings here.