States taking action on abortion and guns. Get a weekend briefing here

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Here are this weekend’s top stories, celebrity birthdays and a look back at this date in history.

The Texas Supreme Court has blocked a lower court order that had allowed clinics in the state to continue performing abortions even after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it’s landmark 1973 ruling that confirmed a constitutional right to abortion.

New York lawmakers approved a sweeping overhaul Friday of the state’s handgun licensing rules, seeking to preserve some limits on firearms after the Supreme Court ruled that most people have a right to carry a handgun for personal protection.

The suspect in an hourslong shooting that killed three law enforcement officers and injured several others in eastern Kentucky was charged with several counts of murder, including murder of a police officer, and assault on a service animal, officials said.

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said the shooter seemed to have had a plan and “pretty much executed that plan almost to precision,” Hunt said. “(The suspect) was a sheer terrorist … he was just a terrorist on a mission.” 

Elsewhere, U.S. envoy John Kerry tells AP that domestic climate setbacks are affecting pace of global climate change efforts … Inflation in the 19 countries using the euro hits record 8.6% as energy costs keep surging amid Russia’s war in Ukraine … Ukrainian emergency services report deaths after missile attacks hit residential buildings in Odesa region … The bodies of two young children have been recovered from a Minnesota lake, and searchers are still looking for a third they fear may have been intentionally drowned.