UW Medicine study says breakthrough infections significantly strengthen antibodies

SEATTLE, Wash. — If you have contracted COVID-19 after getting vaccinated, your antibodies could be more resistant to COVID-19 than ever before.

A study from UW Medicine suggests getting COVID-19 after getting vaccinated significantly strengthens antibody responses to the virus.

The study looked at antibodies in those who got infected before and after getting the vaccine. They compared the antibodies to each other, along with antibodies in those who have been vaccinated and boosted but have not contracted the virus.

The study found people who contracted COVID-19 post-vaccination have much more resistant antibodies than those who got the virus pre-vaccine. The study also found that getting infected while vaccinated produced stronger antibodies than those who got vaccinated without getting infected.

Experts say people who got the booster have antibodies just as resistant as those who had a breakthrough case. So, if you contracted COVID-19 after getting boosted, you might have the most resistant antibodies to COVID-19.

UW says it hopes this knowledge will help guide vaccination policies and pandemic mitigation strategies.

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