UW medicine warns of the severity of minor head injuries

SEATTLE, Wash. — After Bob Saget’s cause of death was revealed to be head trauma, UW Medicine wants people to know the dangers of minor head injuries.

Bob Saget’s family revealed that he died from accidentally hitting his head on something, thinking nothing of it, and going to bed. Saget succumbed to his injuries while he slept, meaning he did not notice the warning signs of his injuries.

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Dr. Randall Chestnut, director of neurotrauma at Harborview Medical Center, says the severity of brain injuries does not always match what’s visible on the outside of someone’s head.

“A head injury is not necessarily dramatic,” said Chestnut. “If you’re not behaving right, then take it seriously and get it evaluated.”

Chestnut says if something feels off in your head, take it seriously. He outlined subtle symptoms that indicate a serious brain injury, like increasing headache, dizziness, unsteadiness on your feet, seeing double, or decreased awareness.

“You can have a head injury that just seems like a bump on the head, and that can have severe consequences,” he said.

For more information on traumatic brain injuries and their warning signs, click here.

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