Vancouver School District proposes plan for student return to classroom

Vancouver School District Proposes Plan For Student Return To Classroom

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) — The Vancouver School District is recommending plans for students to return to hybrid learning.

After months of at home virtual learning, this news comes as a relief to the Weaver family.

“I was excited,” Jeanette Weaver said. “I’ve seen what this COVID has been doing to them. Both of them have issues from just being home all the time.”

Weaver has been staying home with her two granddaughters while their parents are at work. One of her granddaughters is in first grade and the other is in eighth. Weaver said it’s been challenging.

“It’s been very difficult, I’ve been in tears at times, my granddaughters have been in tears at times and I’m pretty sure that never happens in school,” Weaver said.

The recommended timeline from the school district for hybrid learning would mean kindergarteners would return on January 19, first and second graders on January 25 and third through fifth grades on February 1.

This model would have students attend school in person two days per week and the other three days will be spent remote learning. Parents who wish to keep their children home can continue with full virtual learning.

“They’ll get a little taste of school and they’ll come home, and I think it’ll give them a refresher to finish the week instead of everyday it’s the same thing at home,” Weaver said.

The transition back for middle school students could come in February and high school students in March. Weaver’s granddaughter, Lilliana, said she can’t wait to be back in school.

“Actually, sitting in a classroom, yeah instead of lying in bed looking at an iPad screen,” Lilliana said.

Weaver believes the change in environment will help her grandchildren because they’ve been cooped up for months.

“They don’t get to see friends,” Weaver said. “I mean they don’t even move between classrooms. They’re stuck looking at a ten-inch screen half the day.”

Details about assigned groups and schedules will be provided to families ahead of these start dates.