State Patrol could now lose 7% of employees over vaccine mandate

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Patrol reported Wednesday that more of its workers are providing proof they are vaccinated.

It said only 7 percent of its employees hadn’t been vaccinated or turned in proof they got the shot. That means 152 of its 2,184 employees could face getting fired if they do not meet the vaccine mandate deadline of Oct. 18. Of those, 91 are commissioned troopers and 61 are non-commissioned.

WSP said it’s hopeful more employees will turn in proof they got the vaccine.

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The number of unvaccinated workers has already gone down since Sept. 30. WSP reported then that it could have lost 300 employees, including 215 troopers.

As of Sept. 20, 374 employees had filed religious exemptions. Of those, 284 were approved. However, there had not been any accommodations approved for them. Twenty-two medical exemptions were approved, but those were already in place and those people have been working from home.

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