Washington’s eviction moratorium ‘bridge’ program set to end Sunday

OLYMPIA, Wash.– Washington’s eviction moratorium bridge program is set to end on Oct. 31.

It was originally supposed to end in September, but Gov. Jay Inslee extended it. He said the reason for the extension was because some counties needed more time to get federal and state relief funds out to those who needed them.

The state’s eviction moratorium ended on June 30. However, Gov. Inslee kept some protections for tenants with unpaid rent because of the pandemic with a bridge program.

Since Aug. 1, renters have been expected to pay in full unless they’ve negotiated a smaller amount with their landlord or are actively looking for rental assistance. Renters also have to provide what services and help they’re looking for in writing. Landlords are required to offer renters reasonable repayment plans before starting the eviction process.

Those protections will expire Sunday when the eviction moratorium bridge ends.

More information about the eviction bridge program and resources can be found here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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