WATCH: Crews save missing woman from crash in Blewett Pass embankment

The missing Spokane Valley woman was found injured in a crash near Wenatchee, WA.

UPDATE on 11/24: Video captured by Wenatchee Valley Firefighters shows the daring rescue of a 68-year-old woman who was found inside her wrecked vehicle after driving down a steep Blewett Pass embankment.

The Wenatchee Valley Firefighter’s Technical Rope Rescue team helped extract her from the vehicle and used an intricate pull system to help her out of the 40-foot drop on the Blewett Pass.

She was lifted back to the roadway and was transported to the nearest hospital for emergency medical attention. No further details regarding her condition have been announced at this time.

The following breaking news article has been left unaltered.

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — A missing Spokane Valley woman was found at the scene of a crash near Blewett Pass along Highway 97 Monday night.

A Silver Alert was issued for 68-year-old Lynnell McFarland when she disappeared Thursday evening. According to Washington State Patrol, McFarland left the Ellensburg area toward Spokane around 3:30 p.m. Thursday but had not been heard from since.

McFarland’s family said they were concerned for her mental health and driving capabilities.

An employee with the Department of Transportation finally spotted McFarland’s car on Monday evening. They said it had slid and rolled about 100 feet from the road and was nearly 40 feet down a ravine over a creek.

A Chelan County Sheriff’s Deputy was able to rappel down the ravine and found McFarland conscious and responsive.

McFarland was taken to a hospital in Wenatchee with injuries. Deputies said she was hypothermic but is expected to recover.


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