Water main break in Pullman causes people to boil water for drinking

PULLMAN, Wash. — A water main break in Pullman caused people to boil their water for drinking Saturday afternoon.

Crews from the City of Pullman went to a water main break near Grand Avenue and Center Street working to shut the water off and repair the water system. Crews were asking people in the area to avoid Grand Avenue between Rocky and Mackenzie, saying people living there could experience lower water pressure or discolored water.

As a result of the water main break, crews asked people to boil their water for drinking if they had low water pressure or dirty water. The City of Pullman said people living near the break — near Center Street and Grand Avenue — were the people most likely to see issues with their water.

Crews worked overnight looking to restore the water. The City of Pullman announced Sunday morning that water service is now restored. They also say water pressure in the area should return as normal and discolored water is making its way out of the system.

To keep people safe, the City of Pullman is still asking people living around the break to boil their water until Tuesday. They say to boil water for a minute and let it cool before drinking.


Grand Avenue was closed due to crews working on the break. It is now open, but the city says to be safe driving through the area near Grand and Center. They say they are working on options to repave the street and will provide updates when more information and details is known.

If you are still having water issues, contact the Pullman Police Department Dispatch at 509-334-0802.